How to use the toolkit

How to use the toolkit


This toolkit has a dual function. It aims to provide learning on race equality issues to better enable employers and practitioners to support people from ethnically diverse communities as part of the work of the IN-Ren Network.  

Each of the numbered sections shown below, and at the right side bar highlight practical steps, small changes, top tips, links and references for further reading.

You will find it useful to work through each of the sections in their numbered order, or alternatively you can visit the section you are interested in. Workshop guides and excercises will be provided for specific tailored sessions involving the toolkit.

 The toolkit will develop and update over time so we would appreciate any feedback you have on it.

  1. Why now?: examines the need to tackle race equality in health employability and related areas.
  2. History: a back ground to race equality in the UK.
  3. Ethnicities and the ethnic makeup of Scotland and Renfrewshire
  4. Engagement looks at key definitions, taking responsibility and understanding common barriers.
  5. Health and Wellbeing looks at how ethnicity is relevant for health and well being 
  6. Employability looks at volunteering and taking positive action to address inequality
  7. Voices of Lived Experience: case studies and videos etc. from less heard voices.
  8. Local Support links in Renfrewshire and across Scotland.             
  9. IN-Ren Network provides Information on the work of the Renfrewshire Integration Network.
  10. Glossary
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