Tackling racism will require all of us to collectively address issues of racial injustice, biases, attitudes and stereotypes wherever
we come across them in everyday life.

Artists, communities, and organisations have powerful voices that can influence the views of wider society, and we want to use and amplify our voice through  exhibitions and activities that we deliver to communicate issues that ‘a space’ arts and the artists we support.
 the organisation’s intention to be a positive agent of change, whilst acknowledging this is just a starting point and that our commitment to anti-racism will be an ongoing process of individual and collective growth and learning. As such we must be open to learning, listening and holding space for conversations on anti-racism and we invite individuals and organisations to join the conversation as we look to create positive change in the world around us.


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The report makes six recommendations on how existing and future museum collections and spaces can better recognise and address Scotland’s complex imperial, colonial, and slavery histories, as part of a national commitment to anti-racism. Empire, Slavery and Scotland’s Museums is a national project, sponsored by the Scottish Government.

The six recommendations by the Empire, Slavery and Scotland’s Museums Steering Group are:

1. Scotland should create a dedicated space to address our role in empire, colonialism, and historic slavery. A new organisation should be created to lead this work.

2. Museums should ensure anti-racism is embedded in their workplaces and public spaces.

3. Museums should involve the people of Scotland in shaping their work through co-production, to promote cultural democracy and participation for all.

4. Museums should commit to research, interpret, and share the histories of Scotland’s links to empire, colonialism, and historic slavery.

5. Museums should support efforts to promote and embed race equality and anti-racism in the curricula in a meaningful, effective, and sustainable way.

6. Scottish Government should demonstrate their support for restitution and repatriation of looted or unethically acquired items in Scottish collections.

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empire-slavery-and-scotlands-museums-recommendations.pdf ( 

the Consultation Guide empire-slavery-and-scotlands-museums-guide-on-the-consultation.pdf (

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