Ethnicity - Renfrewshire

Ethnicity - Renfrewshire

Ethnicity - Renfrewshire

Although figures are limited to the Census 2011 some key facts on Renfreshire’s minority ethnic population are:

  • Overseas students and refugee communities make up part of its demographic profile

  • According to the 2011 Census – 174 908 people lived in Renfrewshire

  • In 2019 the National Records of Scotland estimated 179 100 were living in Renfrewshire 

  • Predicted population increase to 182 256 by 2028

  • In 2018-19 Renfrewshire had the 5th highest level of migration

Renfrewshire has a large proportion of people of white origin compared with people of another ethnic background. This is highlighted in the chart below with over 96% of the Renfrewshire population categorised as white.

Renfrewshire Population

The charts below shows that South Asian and African Caribbean ethnic groups as the largest ethnic groups within Renfrewshire.

Ethnic Group Percentage - Renfrewshire

Please check the 2022 Census for more up to date information.


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