IN-Ren (Integration Network Renfrewshire)

IN-Ren (Integration Network Renfrewshire)

IN-Ren (Integration Network Renfrewshire)


IN-Ren (Integration Network Renfrewshire) is a key part of Engage Renfrewshire and other partners' work to advance race equality. IN-Ren provides a platform to ensure that ethnically diverse communities’ voices in Renfrewshire are heard, and that they are involved in local services and decisions that affect them. IN-Ren has also been informed by the Black Lives Matter movement and the health inequalities highlighted by the pandemic.



IN-Ren is a forum for people/community groups from ethnically diverse backgrounds in Renfrewshire where they are recognised and acknowledged as experts of their own lived experiences, insights and opinions. IN-Ren is also a forum where agencies (organisations and services) are invited to present, listen and learn about race equality.  Agencies are then responsible for making changes or improvements to address race equality issues.

Initially, IN-Ren will meet monthly. An agenda will be sent out in advance to members, and agencies who attend will complete a pro-forma based on their past activities and equalities knowledge prior to attending the forum. Agencies will then give a 5-10 minute update on their service, be given time for a short discussion, and make an ask of the forum (e.g. complete a survey, attend a meeting, or be part of a short life working group etc.). The agency will then return to IN-Ren at a later date to update the forum on the changes made as a consequence.

Additionally, IN-Ren will also have a fortnightly eNews, which will include information about local services and initiatives from the public and voluntary sector.


Aim and objectives

It is envisaged that these will evolve over time and further discussions with IN-Ren. However an initial aim and objectives after discussions are

Increase awareness and access to services to support ethnically diverse communities in Renfrewshire

  • Action to tackle barriers to participation for diverse groups in health, employability and related services (digital, cultural, education, poverty etc.) by raising awareness of barriers to participation for specific diverse ethnic communities with agencies who attend meetings.
  • Agencies who attend meetings will work together with IN-Ren to identify changes and improvements to their service that will lead to improved inclusion and address gaps between policy and practice.
  • Greater representation of ethnically diverse communities in Renfrewshire decision making processes and groups by working with agencies to ensure that more people from ethnically diverse backgrounds become part of  decision making processes where they are underrepresented, and ensure that they are supported to do this.


Key features of IN-Ren are

  • Strategic and structural change
  • Ethnically diverse / intersectional membership
  • Community-led and sustainable
  • Dignity and respect


For more Information contact

Zaffir Hakim, IN-Ren Network Officer


Phone:  0141 887 7707

Twitter: @hakimZaffir

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